TRIAINA S.A. is presently active all around Greece.

The company has realized the design, procurement and construction of a prominent number of projects in all building usage available, and has acquired a wide spectrum of experience and craftsmanship. Hereafter Triaina S.A. merits their painstakingly acquired impeccable reputation and predominant place through their professional presence among construction companies. The company ‘s scope relies primarily in the design, procurement and construction of privately owned and publicly governed edifices.

To be more specific, the company has realized numerous professional venues (office and commercial use), hotel units, handicrafts and industrial settlements sport compleces, and logistics, as well as, private residences and housing complexes of all sizes in the outmost dedication to detailed design, while they also specialize in the restoration of listed buildings of historical interest. 

Among its conventional objectives in construction activity, Triaina S.A. has also assumed various specialized works, such as electromechanical installations, hydraulic works, cooling compartments, waste-water treatment installations, application of HACCP specifications when required, etc. Indicative traits of numerous specialized works are presented later on.

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In many of their projects Triaina S.A. has applied pioneer resolutions and systems of advanced technology, such as bioclimatic design, “lntelligent Building” applications, sensor-automated installations of heating and cooling distribution, alarm system, ventilation and illumination control, as well as remote operation of all functions, which furnish any building use. Embracing the overgrowing necessity to introduce alternative sources of energy to their scope, Triaina S.A. has adopted innovative and environmentally friendly technologies (photovoltaic modules, natural light wells, heat pumps, utilization of geothermal energy, green-roof systems, automated external shading blinds, energy efficient glazing, trombe walls, ventilation stacks, protective buffer zones, utilization of natural flora, topology and climate, application of recording building energy efficiency through the latest state-of-the-art software, etc).

Following Triaina S.A. in terms of approach and objectives, company OKTO S.A. was developed in 2007 to assume the specialized part of erecting steel structures, in order to provide Triaina S.A. with the vertical integration and independence long needed in structural steel design and its specific traits, while since 2010 company ATRINIA S.A. has arisen involved in designing, developing, realizing and utlizing temperate energy resources, setting off new sustainable technologies and espousing bioclimatic architectural design.

Triaina ‘s philosophy and practice is to execute and deliver all assumed works strictly within schedule and budget in the highest of standards, applying novel techniques and solutions. Triaina ‘s objective is to provide all required services for the materialization of any construction project in competitive levels and to the fullest of aspiration. That is an indisputable fact ensured by the technical infrastructure available, the experienced and dedicated staff, and the contemporary organizational techniques applied.

Triaina ‘s impeccable reputation has compounded in permanent collaboration with architectural, engineer and electromechanical practices, as well as with famous commercial representatives, which enables the company to a constant development and upgrade of provided services.

Verification of the above is testified by the certification of Quality Management System (EN ISO 9001:2015), the Environmental Management System (EN ISO 14001:2015) and the Occupational Health & Safety Management System (EN ISO 45001:2018), as well as the registration to the record of Contractor Enterprises (MEEP 4th grade) of the Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change.

The company was founded by and consists of architects and engineers, who face every new challenge with creativity and imagination.

Triaina’s objective relies on constant advancement and response to contemporary requirements in the framework of international competition for integrated state-of-the-art services.

ADMINISTRATIVE Dpt. George Papadopoulos


PROCUREMENT Dpt. Adriana Koutsoukou

FINANCIAL Dpt. Aristea Rizakou

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